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Emotional relationship with money: understanding what’s behind emotional spending

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We must understand the emotional drives that cause us to spend more than we can afford. In today’s world, it is very necessary to maintain a healthy financial life.

You have probably already read some of the stuff on our blog that is relevant to the theme of today’s post, which is about how to break the link between wealth and happiness. Now that we are on the same issue, we are going to look at some advice for controlling the emotional connection that one has with their financial situation. Are you able to identify the reasons that motivate emotional spending? Continue reading to find out!

5 tips for managing your emotional relationship with money

Real needs:

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When controlling one’s emotional connection to money, it seems easy to pose the issue of whether or not there is a genuine need to purchase anything. It is a key that must be struck and a topic that needs to be reiterated. It is important to carry out this activity anytime you desire to obtain anything. Is it necessary for you to have this or that? What will be different about your life?


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Nobody likes being in a position where they owe money to the bank or don’t have enough money to do things like go on the vacation of their dreams. Therefore, setting aside some money each month for the next several months is necessary to achieve financial equilibrium. You will develop a more favorable emotional connection with money if you spend enough money each month to maintain a “healthy” balance in your bank account.

Emotional triggers:

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You need to have an understanding of why your emotions influence the things you consume. To put it another way, what mental or emotional “triggers” cause a person to buy something, or what sensation is brought to the surface and drives a specific attitude?

Emotional compensation:

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Emotional compensations are responsible for a significant portion of financial obligations. This implies that we purchase an item whenever we feel down or upset about something or someone in our lives. We leave the house and get something, even if there is no immediate and pressing need, to make up for the emotional difficulties that are a normal part of daily existence.

Think long term:

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The short-lived sense of fulfillment we get from making a purchase is fleeting. Pass shortly. On the other hand, depending on the individual’s capability for acquisition and financial stability, the difference in financial resources may be long-lasting or even irreconcilable. The piece of advice offered is to constantly consider the long term. Consider your financial obligations, hopes and ambitions, family, and so on. Is it worthwhile to put all this on the line in exchange for a fleeting moment of happiness?

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