Good plans to pay less for fuel in France with vouchers, discounts!

Faced with rising fuel prices, hypermarkets are setting up operations to help consumers.

On the program: vouchers and discounts on fuel. It’s time to fill up!

A reduction of €0.15 per liter at Carrefour

The distribution giant will offer a reduction of €0.15 per liter of fuel purchased at all its service stations. The only problem is that you will need to have a loyalty card and the reduction will only be valid at the cash desk.

You have two options: credit the amount to your loyalty card or deduct it from your receipt. The operation should last from March 25 to 31 and is valid only once, within the limit of 99 liters.

Vouchers at Auchan and Casino

Casino extends its €1 fuel operation on Friday March 25 and Saturday March 26 (and Sunday morning in open stores). Thus, petrol pump customers will receive vouchers equivalent to the difference between the price paid per liter and €1 in all the group’s stations. These vouchers are valid for a maximum of 50 liters of fuel per ticket and only once for the duration of the operation.

At Auchan, you can benefit from a €6 voucher in exchange for a full tank of fuel of at least 30 liters worth of €30 of purchases in participating stores (the list here). To benefit from it, you must present your fuel ticket directly at the cash desk before April 2 (if you purchased fuel on 03/25 or 03/26) or before April 9 (if you purchased fuel on or April 2).

A discount of €0.10 per liter at Total

From April 1, a cash discount of 10 cents per liter will be applied at all TotalEnergies service stations. This exceptional discount is in addition to the discount of €0.18 per liter promised by the government and implemented on the same day.

In total, motorists will be able to benefit from a discount of €0.25 per liter from April 1 at Total pumps. It is therefore better to wait a few days before refueling.

3 apps to find cheap gas

Is your car’s tank dry? We have selected apps for you to find cheaper gas nearby. Available on Apple and Android.

The cost of fuel continues to make headlines and hurt our wallets! The good news is that there are apps that geolocate the cheapest gas stations around you.

All of them operate on the basis of a community which regularly feeds price variations. Given the glaring price differences from region to region, it is sometimes worth driving a few extra kilometers to refuel.

Petrol / Diesel now!

Certainly the simplest and most ergonomic interface! On a map, you have access to two buttons: one to launch the search for the nearest stations, the other to list the cheapest stations.

By clicking on a particular station, fuel prices and the latest updates appear. It is also possible to filter your search by brand or maximum price per liter and open a third-party application such as Waze or Google Maps to directly access your route. On Apple and Android.

Petrol & Co

Here you have the very useful choice of defining a search radius (1 to 50 km), as well as searching for a station by fuel type. Regularly updated, the Essence & Co app also lists stations that are out of fuel. Very useful in times of scarcity! Too bad that untimely advertising spoils the pleasure of browsing; to remove it, you will have to pay 5.49 euros.

Available on Apple and Android.

Flash Fuel

For frequent travelers and cross-border commuters, Fuel Flash provides fuel prices at more than 60,000 stations. However, the app shows its prices based on official French data on, not via user feedback.


Some price failures can therefore be observed, but nothing alarming. Finally, very useful, it is possible to access a history of prices over several weeks for each station. Only on Android.

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