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F1 continues to make new fans. Thanks in particular to the Drive To Survive series broadcast on Netflix, the discipline has become more popular than ever and this year 2022 marks the beginning of a new era. While the official F1 22 game will be available next July, we had the opportunity to attend a presentation of the title on the sidelines of the highly anticipated Miami Grand Prix. You will find below our first impressions controller in hand on this new route.

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Built around the Hard Rock Stadium, the 5.41 km road course is made up of 19 turns and 3 DRS zones. It is, according to Apex Circuit Design, the company in charge of its production, designed above all for racing and entertainment.

Visually speaking, it’s an urban landscape with a few palm trees that cross the gaze when you tumble at 300 an hour. If it is difficult for the moment to know to what extent the layout will be faithful to that of the Grand Prix which is being prepared, the developers nevertheless seem to have taken care of their copy with a pleasant rendering which necessarily contrasts with the other appointments of the calendar. On the other hand, it will obviously be necessary to do without the artificial marina.

First laps on the new circuit

This new track puts our driving skills to the test and the first laps are not easy. It is particularly the sequence of turns 4, 5 and 6 until the braking of number 8, as well as the chicane preceding the long straight that gives us a hard time.

The route is fast and the walls, never far away, require precision and rigor to find the best trajectories and lower the times.

Following the new regulations, the single-seaters are heavier and the downforce increased. Controller in hand, the feeling is not necessarily very different from previous opuses and regulars should quickly find their marks. Despite everything, registering the car in turns always requires dexterity. Performed with the joystick, our fifty laps on the American track have especially highlighted the oversteer of the cars on the changes of angle which it is moreover very complicated to bring back; there is no doubt that playing with a steering wheel must help.

Despite everything, we find once again good feedback in the controller thanks to the vibrations which make it possible to feel with precision the level of grip of the single-seater in all circumstances, whether accelerating, braking or in curves.

The difference between single-seaters is quite marked, although the hierarchy should still evolve until the game’s release. In case you were wondering, no, the phenomenon of “porpoising”, causing single-seaters to bounce at high speed, n is not simulated in F1 22.

In general, the first contact with this PC build, allows us to say that we should not be too lost with this new opus. We must admit that with the new regulations and the big changes undergone by the cars this year, we expected more differences in terms of gameplay.

Keep in mind, however, that we had the opportunity to try a version of the game that should still evolve; there is indeed time left for the teams to refine their copy. The main changes should come from all the extras, which we will have the opportunity to talk to you about very soon. To wait, you will find below a lap of the Miami circuit at the wheel of the Ferrari as we try to chase the clock.

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