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These are the 5 Most Common Questions about Dating that Can Help You Find Love

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When it comes to timing and dating, there are some questions that I am asked repeatedly. Therefore, these questions and answers are what I thought would be most helpful.

Is it time to get back in touch with my ex (after a divorce/breakup)?

You may be waiting for that moment when you feel ready to meet someone you love, but it isn’t coming.

It’s okay to still be sad for your ex and miss them. This doesn’t mean that your heart is closed. No one timeline will allow the emotions of one relationship to end neatly.

I find online dating exhausting, and I’m willing to give up. Isn’t it a sign that online dating is difficult?

This is the question I’d like you to answer. Think about the trip you have always wanted to take. Let’s take Bali as an example. You will need to pack your bags, clear customs, and then fly an exhausting overnight flight to Bali. You’ll also have to deal with the 2-hour traffic jams once you get out of the airport. These steps are necessary to get you to your destination. It’s not fun. It’s part of the process.

This same mindset should be applied to dating. You go on dates, go through the ups and downs, and commit to it – as a step towards your ultimate destination, which is your relationship goal.

Don’t give up, even if it is difficult and painful. It is supposed to be. However, you can learn to be more successful in dating.

It’s so difficult to date at my age in my city [Because].

Dating is a skill. It can feel like you are trying to navigate an obstacle course if you don’t know how to do it.

You can still learn the psychology and tools that have helped thousands create healthy relationships.

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